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Over 40 and Single  - Article Details

Top Ten Reasons Men Dump Women

Date Added: July 24, 2011 11:54:39 AM
Author: Mahal Likha
Category: Relationship Advice

Top Ten Reasons Men Dump Women

These are the top 10 reasons men dump women. Most of the time, men will not spell them out for their partners. It must be emphasized that the reasons have nothing to do with looks but with attitude. Find out what men are not bent on telling their partners.

1. She is too eager to please him.
A woman may jump through hoops just to please her man. She bleaches her hair because he adores blondes. She enrolls in culinary class to learn how to prepare his favorite Japanese foods. She gives him that soothing massage or picks him up after a hard day's work. Now learn this. Men get easily turned off by women who go into overdrive to please them. They are out to look for a love partner, not a chef, masseur or chauffeur.

2. She is too needy.
We have heard of the ego-inflating damsel in distress tactic to win a man. A woman calls his man to fix a leaking faucet, change tires, or dress her wound. She turns him into a handy man who is on call 24 hours a day shifting roles from plumber to auto mechanic to nurse. She keeps track of his schedule and fills his free time with activities they can spend together. If he fails to make it to a date, she traces his whereabouts and calls him no end. He is smothered and eventually, he loses breathing space, enough to convince him she is a helpless cripple or a master stalker.

3. She is very insecure.
A woman often commits the mistake of putting herself down. She talks about not being good enough, being too fat or wanting to have a nose job. When her man compliments her, she talks him out of it. When another woman comes along who is more attractive and smart, she compares herself with her and soon, she feels threatened by her. If a woman doesn't believe in herself, so won't her man. It won't take long before her man leaves her for a more confident woman.

4. She is too dependent.
A man is turned off by a woman who cannot hold her own. She does not speak her mind and is afraid to trade blows with him. When her man asks her what movie she wants to see, she answers, "whatever you want to see." This woman may just bark or hop on one leg if her man tells her to.

Financial dependence is also a disaster area in a relationship. A man wants an equal. He may provide more monetarily but is pleased to see his woman also contributing and is not just "on the take."

5. She doesn't maintain a sense of humour.
A woman who cannot banter with her man suggests that her man can always call the shots. If she shows annoyance when her man criticizes her looks, she comes out smelling like a rotten egg. A woman who cannot laugh at herself and lacks that feisty quality is a big turn off to a man. He'd rather hear, "Do you want a broken leg or two?" than sniffs from a bruised female ego.

6. She is too serious about the relationship.
Many men want to have fun by not knowing what to expect in a relationship. Talk to him about marriage and having babies and he heads straight to the door. Trying to pressure a man to commit for life makes him feel locked down and soon enough, he will bolt. Fun equals freedom for men. They tend not to plan ahead in matters of the heart until they get attached at their own unpredictable time. From the time of the first meeting to the time of the marriage proposal, everything seems to happen by accident for men.

7. She falls into the "good time only" category.
"Good time only" category relegates a woman to a sexual pushover who sleeps with a man for the wrong reasons and much too soon. A woman who tries hard to win her man by jumping to bed with him at once is perceived as trying to be sexy. She easily bursts a man's bubble by stealing his excitement of waiting for that special moment. This is the magic recipe for having a man take her for granted and dump her for a more worthy catch.

8. She is very domineering.
Men have big egos and a woman who acts like she wants to "wear the pants" is not paying homage to that "venerable" ego. If a man treats a woman well and behaves like a true gentleman, he should be made to feel like Superman every once in a while. The key is making friends with his ego. It would be a blow to criticize his lousy carpentry making him feel like a little kid who got scolded in practical arts class. He may never do anything handy around the house again and this is not a good sign.

9. She talks too much.
A Woman tends to talk too much. The two-hour phone call where he spilled his guts appeals to him the first time but very quickly, the novelty wears off and he starts hating it. The woman begins to be perceived as a tiresome obligation. A man dreads the line, "We need to talk." He sees this as another pouring out of guts where a woman shows her needy character.

And who could argue against nagging as a big turn off? A man hears nothing at all when a woman nags but hears a lot when she keeps her mouth shut and gives him the cold shoulder.

10. She is too emotional.
A man thinks that a woman is emotionally unstable or mildly irrational when she is intensely attached to her man. She cares too much too soon. She kisses, hugs, delivers mushy lines and talks of her emotions most of the time. She does a free fall by living in a fairy tale. If things don't live up to her enchanted world, she whines and complains like her hormones are going berserk. A man finds these utterly disgusting and could take them as a sign that she is not for keeps.

A woman can definitely live without a man in her life. That is the plain truth. The most important thing is to walk down the road of life with head held high and never stop walking. A woman must have faith in herself and never allow anyone to shake it. If she meets a man along the way, she will have arrived if she can tell to herself, "I am me and I love who I am. Take it or leave it."

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Learn more from Mahal Likha about family life and relationships in Dating Without Ending Up in Bed and Infidelity: The Other Woman and You.

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