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Over 40 and Single  - Article Details

Office Romance: The Lure of a Workplace Attraction

Date Added: July 06, 2012 12:19:05 PM
Author: Christina Crooks
Category: Romance Tips

Office Romance: The Lure of a Workplace Attraction

If you've worked for any length of time in a corporate environment, you've heard the advice: Don't date anyone in your office. Especially don't date your boss. The logic's undeniably sound. Compromising your professionalism, risking a ruined workplace environment, and jeopardizing your employment prospects - especially during a recession - isn't terribly wise.

But the heart isn't always wise, and great passion strikes not according to the book. It's natural to fall in love with someone you're around a large part of your time, someone who's smart, attractive and maybe a little authoritative, someone you admire. When this kind of taboo romance kindles between two people in a reporting relationship, the best real-life solution is for one of you to get out from under the other, so to speak. Go find a job with a different company. That said, switching jobs or even departments isn't always easy or possible, and in the meantime your paramour has your adrenaline racing and your heart pounding.

He's right over there in that office doorway. See him? He's giving you that cute stern look. His lips curve into a faintly pained smile, acknowledging the insanity of your forbidden mutual attraction. You love his strength, his business savvy, his sense of humor. Mostly you love that smile of his. It's the same sexy smile that started the fantasies that turned into this potentially great love. You know he's as vexed by the unexpected workplace complication as he is smitten by you.

You did try to resist, to not think of him that way. You avoid using the supply closet at the same time he does. Both of you are actively trying to find new jobs, but that hasn't panned out yet. Besides, you have to admit you're addicted to the flirtation. So is he. Somehow you're both caught up in an office romance. It's the most frustrating thing you've ever experienced. Doing the right thing and resisting each other is threatening to turn you both into cinders.

Dating the boss is a big lightning rod for trouble. All kinds of delicious trouble. Engaging in a real-world workplace romance is not for the faint of heart. Are you brave, foolish, and hopelessly in love? Are both of you willing to risk the security of your present jobs? Then you might aim for the larger payoff. Succumbing to the forbidden fantasy truly is dangerous. It does, however, offer one elusive reward everyone craves. It offers the possibility of true love and happily ever after.

Read an office romance novel with a happily ever after. Romance novel excerpts are a great way to find the right romance story for you.

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