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Over 40 and Single  - Article Details

Getting Her In The Mood

Date Added: July 06, 2012 12:13:54 PM
Author: Carol A Ingoglia
Category: Sexuality

Getting Her In The Mood

So many women claim to be too tired to make love to their partner. This is a sad statement. The rejection that many men feel is really just due to their wife or lover's decreased libido but every time they get the cold shoulder they are likely taking it personally. Busy women feel exhausted many times by the time they hit the pillow at night but their man still has needs. Keeping a relationship strong means having not only a good emotional connection but a good physical one as well.

The following are some tips that women can use to help them feel more amorous toward their partner. These tips may not only help increase libido but may even help you save your relationship.

1. Showering Before Bed
Seems like such a little thing but being clean and more relaxed can help you get in the mood. Having your sweet-smelling skin next to him may actually help turn him on as well. The point is showering will not hurt anything and may just find you both feeling in the mood a bit more often as well.

2. Set The Tone
Your bedroom needs to be a place for love-making. One mistake couples make is cluttering up their bedroom. You need a nice space and one that makes you feel comfortable to put you in the mood. If your bedroom is a mess, this will likely just serve as a reminder about how far behind on your chores you are. Some candles and some soft silk sheets can also help set a tone for love making.

3. Alone time
Many couples worry about taking a date night. While going out together alone, is fabulous, so is staying in. Date nights that involve some Chinese take out and a video rental at home have the potential to lead to more. For those who don't have this option a hotel room rental can do the trick as well. Some alone time in a private setting can allow you the space and freedom you need to unleash some of that pent-up sexual energy.

4. Play
Couples that play more have more sex. Do not be afraid to play with your man. You may just find that this is the best way to excite yourself. Go out on a date in a skirt with no panties, give him long, come get me kiss when he is leaving for work, or innocently (or not so innocently) touch him as you pass him in the hall. If you want to make sure that your man is thinking about you all day long, then be sure to keep him wanting more. Be sure to follow through at the end of the day with a few more teases before bedtime. After all, nothing is a bigger turn on then the ability you have to excite your man.

5. Change it up
Sometimes after a long day, you may just be too tired or simply not in the mood. Sex is important but you are still human. Do not be afraid to change it up. Perhaps switching your love-making from evening till morning will help you get back that loving feeling. Perhaps a little Saturday afternoon romp in the hay will help you to ignite that spark again. Don't be a creature of habit. Something new may be just what you need to rekindle what you once had together.

Marriage is an incredible thing. When two people join together and commit to one another it is not without challenges. The important thing to remember is that your relationship is the center of your world and keeping that spark going is what makes a marriage last a lifetime. Sex is an integral part of the marital relationship and is key to keeping a marriage together.

Sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship. A marriage or relationship can only continue for so long once the physical aspects of the relationship are gone. Communication can help bring any relationship back to life. Light His Fire offers self-help to couples who want to improve their marriage.

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