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Over 40 and Single  - Speed Dating

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Getting the Most Out of Your Speed Dating Experience

Everyday living has become stressful and profession-centered. Personal interaction is cut short because communication has been directed through to cyberspace primarily because of convenience. Because of the breakthrough in technology today, .....

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Speed Dating Validates the Theory of Love at First Sight

Speed dating is going from strength to strength as it becomes a popular way of finding a partner, making friends and having fun. The number of successful relationships, whirl wind romances and fairytale weddings are adding credance to the theory...

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Speed Dating - What is It?

If you are the one who have tried many things and still not satisfied and have not got what you exactly want from a date then it is better to try your hand on speed dating. You may be fed up of going to night clubs, blind dates, all in.....

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Know All About Mobile Speed Dating

Too busy to search for a date in social gatherings or clubs, try Mobile Speed Dating to expedite the process of finding a like-minded companion and getting into a relationship without wasting much time. Read on for tips and suggestions on what.....

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The Dos and Don'ts in Speed Dating

You only have a few minutes to look good, answer questions, ask questions, smile, act interested, and leave a good impression so the person will remember you. This is not as easy as it sounds but you should keep these speed dating tips in mind....

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How Does Speed Dating Work?

What is speed dating? How does speed dating work? This article will attempt to answer those two questions and hopefully shed some more light about speed dating in general.

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Basic Speed Dating Advice

For some, speed dating seems a little daunting. In reality, there shouldn't be any worries or concerns about it. A little basic speed dating advice can go a long way towards making sure you end up with the desired outcome.

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Just What Is Speed Dating?

There is a fairly new dating trend that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. It is called speed dating. Just what is speed dating? How does it work? Before we define speed dating, and so as to have a better understanding, let's .....

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Speed Dating Icebreakers

Speed dating is a fun and fast way to meet people in our busy world. How do you start conversation with a long line of people you have never met? Here's a list of questions to break the ice.

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Speed Dating Questions to Ask

Speed dating is a popular and fun way to meet new potential dates. It's a change from the typical bar scene so many people in the dating world are accustomed to, and may feel a bit more safe and reasonable than online dating for those who are.....

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Speed Dating Can Help Find Love

If you have been searching for love for longer than you can remember then it might be time you try an organised event where people are skilled at giving you a good night out and you come into contact with lots of other singles. Speed dating....

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Latest Articles

Effective Dating Advice for Men That Works!

Best dating advice for men really helps even a shy man to get along with a beautifully girl. Dating advice for men proves to be vital in adding value in...

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Online Dating Advice: Write The First Message In Such A Way As To Make A Big, Lasting Impression

The Internet has become a place for many things and for many people in the world. One such option the Internet has made available is dating. No longer are men stuck to clubs and bars to find women to date; they also have the Internet to find the...

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The Rise of Over 40's Online Dating

Forties online dating is soaring in popularity. In 2013 there was 63 per cent increase in over forties using online dating services. Many people associate online dating with the younger generation but this obviously isn't true. What's behind the...

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Start Dating Again After A Break Up With These Top Tips

At the time of coming out of a long term relationship it is always difficult to start dating again. We still have the raw feelings after the break up such as guilt, sadness, regret, depression, anger and disappointment, and these feelings prevent...

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Understanding Why Men Think Sex Means a Relationship - Does Sex Really Matter That Much?

Do you want to know why some men think sex means a relationship? Why do men and women see sex differently?

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Online Dating Unwritten Rules

If you are interested in casually dating new people, the Internet is your friend. For most people, it is much easier to complete a profile on a website and start searching for the kind of individuals they would like to meet, than striving to....

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Dating Advice For Women - Think It Through

This passage was written to give women genuine food-for-thought about being single. Being single isn't a bad thing. Are you settling for less than what you deserve?

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How to Get and Keep Your Lover

Getting someone to be attracted to you or to fall in love with you is the easy part. The hardest part is getting that person to feel the same way about you for the rest of your life.

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How to Read Flirting Body Language From Women

Having the ability to read a woman's body language can be a great skill to have if you've established a good understanding of female attraction. It's been said that up to 90% of communication between men and women is nonverbal.

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5 Red Flags To Look For On A First Date

Five red flags to look out for when going on a first date. This article is about key points to look at when you are on a first date with a woman.

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